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Andy Frawley is the Chairman of the Board at Cybba Inc. and is an expert in modern marketers, digital marketing, email marketing, and customer value management.

Marketer to marketer, we know the old ways of working are over. The social and technological landscape has granted the consumer the power. Their voice is amplified like never before through social media, where they can profoundly influence their peers and impact an organization’s reputation and bottom line.

Business and brand equity grow from personal connections that are cultivated by connecting with consumers through an engagement and experience that is relevant solely to them, not the masses.

Consider these facts about consumer behavior:
  • There are more smartphones on the planet than people, consumers are totally mobile and purchasing decisions are made on the spot, 24/7
  • Smartphones, tablets and other devices have enabled a major disruption in the flow of information moving it from broadcast and controlled to free-form, decentralized content created by almost anyone
  • These devices allow you to deliver personalized and rich content to individual consumers
  • The path to a buying decision may include a digital ad, an online search and reviews garnered through social media

Meanwhile, savvy marketers are deploying marketing resources that create an emotional connection with customers and engage them in new ways to achieve impressive, repeatable results.

Content is more relevant, personalized and consistent. Campaign cycles are measured in minutes, not days. Marketers can reach a multitude of new customers with a single click, email, or tweet. The ability to conduct dozens of targeted campaigns, to gather comprehensive consumer data and utilize them to generate measurable results makes marketing today exciting, innovative and game-changing.

I wrote Igniting Customer Connections: Fire Up Your Company’s Growth By Multiplying Customer Experience & Engagement to help marketers use technology, data and creativity to forge customer connections like never before. Igniting Customer Connections goes beyond just ideas and concepts, to a financial framework that expands upon ROI with ROE², where we use the power of experience and engagement to produce and predict a financial measure.

Consumers may be in the driver's seat, but marketers today have the power to map out their journey, driving dramatic improvements in the business and paving the road to engage new customers, while building their brands and revenue towards new heights.


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Andy Frawley
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