St Patricks Day


With millions of people celebrating St. Patrick’s Day every year, it’s important for brands to get lucky and find the pot of gold when it comes to a successful marketing month. The Irish holiday allows companies to give their strategies an extra uplift with themed campaigns and promotions. As St. Patrick’s Day is one of the biggest shopping holidays in the United States, brands can jump at the opportunity to increase their digital efforts to attract and engage new customers. 

As consumers take to the internet for online shopping inspiration for the national holiday, businesses can target these audiences with promotional-themed messaging and images through social media. Whether that be through social media contests, holiday-themed influencer postings, or even incorporating hashtags, these are all tactics to create pre-purchase awareness and engagement surrounding the holiday and your marketing scheme. Individuals are constantly looking at their phones and media platforms, so why not go right to the source and target them then and there, right? 

Email campaigns are another way for marketers to get lucky this month. Although individuals are getting spammed with emails every day, marketers should capitalize on the opportunity to assemble St. Patrick's Day-themed phraseology into their marketing emails. As email is known to be an effective tool to publicize your promotions, it’s also a great way to show your brand’s personality and spice, especially during this fun holiday. Try including colorful images of Leprechauns or gold coins and adding a unique subject line and call to action. People love celebrating holidays and email campaigns are just another way to tap into that affection and drive individuals to your brand.  

As St. Patrick’s Day continues to grow each year, so should your digital marketing strategies. Not only is this holiday celebrating history and religion, but it is also a way for individuals to socialize and have a good time. With the holiday expanding, it also presents opportunities for businesses to engage with loyal and new customers. With so many people willing to celebrate the famous lucky day, why not turn this commemoration into a digital marketing ‘paddy.’



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