Employee Spotlight: Rebecca Stone

Rebecca Stone is an Account Manager in our Boston office. Although she started during quarantine and has only worked remotely, Rebecca has already made a huge impact on our team. Check out the full Q+A below ↓

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What does your day-to-day look like?

My day-to-day consists of working with different clients to help them grow and optimize their campaigns. We have a lot of clients across multiple industries - and understanding how each target audience consumes content differently definitely keeps it interesting!


What has been your favorite project so far?

Working with BaubleBar! It was the first client I pitched and onboarded with Cybba, and it's been a great working relationship. It's also exciting for me because I really loved the brand even before working at Cybba.


What's your favorite trend you've seen in marketing recently? 

Influencer marketing. It seems obvious, but businesses can be very strategic and thoughtful with how they collaborate with influencers. In addition, Cybba can also remarket users to keep those brands top-of-mind.


What would you be doing for a career if not this?

In a dream world I would love to be a chef! I really love cooking, so if I wasn't working here I would be making tacos in a food truck all day.


Nice! What else do you like to make?

For Christmas my brother got me a pasta maker, so I've making it from scratch and trying out all the different shapes and styles. Honestly, it's way easier than you'd think! The sauces are the real challenge. 


What's a secret talent of yours? 

Movie quotes. Give me any quote and about 10 seconds and I will be able to place it. 

Really? Any quote? Are you better at certain genres, like comedies?

100%. And you'll know why by the answer to my next question. 


If you could take anyone to lunch who would it be and why? 

I would take Chelsea Handler to breakfast, lunch, or dinner. She's definitely one of my favorite comedians. Not only is she hilarious, but in recent years she's become much more well-researched and covers a variety of important topics. She's incredibly interesting. 


Look at your phone. What's your most used emoji?



What would you do if you won the lottery? 

First, I'd pay off my student loans. Secondly, I'd buy a house and a boat. That's a package deal. So a house on a lake that comes with a beautiful boat.

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