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Dispatches from the World of Influencer Marketing

Some agencies (influencer marketing and talent management alike) proclaim that “long-term partnerships” is the direction that influencer marketing ...

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Lily Damaskos

Employee Spotlight: Lily Damaskos

Cybba Business Development Representative, Lily Damaskos, keeps it real on the sales team. Armed with a hand-written to-do list and keen business ...

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Social Media Logos on Buttons

What's the Best Platform for Social Media Advertising?

Every year there’s more reason to invest in social media. New networks rise in popularity and new features, tools, and apps are announced. Ad ...

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Green, Red, and Blue Shopping Bags Over a Yellow Background With Autumn Leaves

21 Fall Consumer Shopping Trends for eCommerce

Editor's Note: This post was originally published in December 2017 and has been completely revamped and updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

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Woman holding ipad discussing website layout with colleague

The Art of Onsite Engagement: Balancing Form and Function in User Experience

Roughly 76% of customers abandon an eCommerce site without making a purchase. There are so many reasons why this happens – product prices, buyer ...

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Picture of Calvin Cook

Employee Spotlight: Calvin Cook

In a company brimming with spirited salespeople, you wouldn’t expect the finance guy to be the class clown. But here’s Calvin, Cybba’s Finance ...

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Family looking at television

[Infographic] COVID Catalyzes Digital Video Transformation

People are consuming more digital video content than ever before. With fewer available options for entertainment outside the home, our living ...

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Confused woman working on laptop

Dear Cybba: How Do I Keep My Customers Loyal?

We’re now six months into a global pandemic that’s disrupted everything from how we work (from home, if we’re lucky) to what we eat (anything / ...

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