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Spring Your Company Culture Forward!

Spring is the season during which the world revives and rejuvenates after the colder winter months. Days become longer, flowers begin to bloom, and individuals get excited to come out of hibernation. Spring is also the time to seize opportunities to connect with your company and expand the culture within it. Whether your team is in-office, remote, or international, there are numerous spring team bonding activities and ideas to bring everyone together.  

For those that are working in-person, bonding within your team environment is important. This Spring, think outside of the box when it comes to team activities. Everybody loves a good Happy Hour, so why not treat your team to an after-work, office getaway to relax and converse while getting to know your colleagues better. Another enjoyable team event that not only increases bonding within the office but outside of the workforce is participating in a Spring scavenger hunt. While individuals love competition, it brings them to work together in an active way. Creating a scavenger hunt like the Amazing Race or Mad Dash is a sure way to incorporate team building skills. With so much going on within the last few years, it’s important for companies to give back to their community as well. Setting up a workplace volunteer event is another great way to tie connections between employees. Bonding while helping others strengthens not only the work relationship but the community as well.  

As not everyone can be in-person, connecting with your remote and international colleagues is equally important. As virtual happy hours took over during the Covid scene, they are still a great way to come together and connect, even if it’s through zoom. Another simple but effective way to increase team bonding is creating different messaging groups. For example, creating a “March Madness” tab in Slack for employees to showcase their winning team or even talk about the games. By creating different messaging groups, it allows employees to feel heard, to take a break from their daily work schedule, and to bond with their teammates through numerous topics.   

Company bonding is an extremely important key to success within the workplace. It helps co-workers to connect, builds reciprocated respect and can lead to a constructive work culture with strong, productive teams. There are many ways to include team bonding in the workplace, come up with new ideas each quarter to implement and see just how effective team bonding can be! 

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