active engagement in a distracted digital world

[Webinar Recap] Active Engagement in a Distracted Digital World

Missed our webinar? Hope to see you next time! Meanwhile, watch the recording and discover our Chairman, Andy Frawley’s, insights on marketing trends and how they can help you connect with your customers along every step of their buyer journey. Here is a quick webinar recap:

The key to great customer engagement is making an emotional connection. In fact, customers that you can connect to emotionally are 3x more valuable. While you may have many interactions with your customers, there is only engagement when they are activated.

Activating customers means changing the nature of your campaigns and touch-points. Many brands have a few campaigns every month, while the best marketing is to have hundreds of campaigns at any given time.

Successful, instantaneous campaigns depend on:

Customer Experience

Think Starbucks, with the mobile app allowing you to order ahead of time, pick up your coffee, and win points in a small matter of minutes. Starbucks’ multi-channel touchpoints enable them to reach customers at every possible moment in their journey. With all of these touch-points being personalized, responsive, and integrated with each other, Starbucks provides a seamless, positive customer experience.

An implication of this is the rise of paying for marketing through media spend. As companies are able to provide overlapping, multi-platform MarTech and AdTech services, they will be bundled into a performance model and based on CPA: Cost-per-acquisition.

Panoptic Identity

With the rise of multi-channel touchpoints, marketers have infinite sources of information about their customers. Making use of this information allows you to update your CRM and create extremely personalized messages and relationships. An implication of this is that the attribution between MarTech and AdTech becomes murky, and these platforms will increasingly need to combine.

For more marketing trends and their implications, get our webinar recording below!

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