On Display: Understanding and Growing Your Audience with Rand Fishkin

For Episode 4 of Cybba: On Display, we sit down with Rand Fishkin, Co-Founder and CEO of SparkToro, to discuss the challenges of understanding your audience, especially when so much of web marketing today is “buy ads on Facebook and Google.” 


SparkToro is an online platform made to help you do marketing better.

Quickly and accurately identify where your audience spends time and pays attention, so your marketing efforts can be better targeted and more effective. 

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Key Takeaways:

  • [01:28] Intro to SparkToro
  • [05:15] Discovering Your Audiences' Interests
  • [08:15] Best Social Networks for Audience Insights
  • [13:37] Niche Interests and Targeting 
  • [21:58] Starting a Business from the Ground Up
  • [29:25] Learning from Your Mistakes
  • [35:10] Early Innovations and Variety in Search Engines
  • [41:20] Building Your Audience Organically

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Derek Sullivan
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