On Display: The Power of SEO with John Vuong

For Episode 7 of Cybba: On Display, we sit down with John Vuong - founder and president of Local SEO Search, an SEO company based out of Canada that offers its' services to small businesses, especially family-owned traditional businesses that aren’t well-versed in the digital marketing space. 



John speaks on his professional journey in ad sales, his introduction to digital marketing, and how his experience working with thousands of local businesses during his time at the Yellow Pages inspired him to start his own SEO company to help them grow. 

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Key Takeaways:

  • [01:40] Working with Small Businesses at the Yellow Pages
  • [04:15] Shifting from Traditional to Digital Marketing
  • [06:12] Starting Local SEO Search
  • [10:57] Working with Small, Family-Owned Businesses 
  • [15:59] Marketing through Story Telling
  • [20:17] How SEO Works; The 7 Pillars of SEO
  • [25:09] Ranking on Google
  • [29:27] SEO is Not "Set It and Forget It"
  • [31:32] Produce Content Your Audience Expects and Engages With
  • [33:09] Social Media Should be Used as an Amplifier for Content
  • [35:00] On-Page SEO vs Technical SEO
  • [38:21] Final Thoughts

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