TLM on Second in Command

Terri Mock, Cybba COO, Featured on Second in Command Podcast

Terri Mock discusses How to Build a Resilient Digital Agency in her interview with Cameron Herold of the COO Alliance.

They discuss:

  • Why collaborating really makes a difference. 
  • How keeping the focus to three strategic initiatives or less will amplify the vision throughout the company. 
  • Considering what the value is in the marketplace, what those needs are, and then adapting to those needs in order to take you where you want to go. This includes developing the right technology and talent.
  • Why it is important to grow your teams from within and allow people to explore what they are passionate about. 


  • A winning team stays focused and resilient through highs and lows.
  • Your people are your greatest asset. Give them varied experiences, allow them to grow in their roles, and care about them as a person.
  • Millennials are the new workforce. Understand their perspective, value their contributions, and build a culture where they can thrive.

Listen now:

Learn more about the COOAlliance and the Second in Command Podcast here.

Derek Sullivan
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