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Take Action with Geo-Focused Advertising

If you’ve been keeping up with our latest series of blog posts, you’ve learned all about geo-focused advertising. By now you should:
What’s next? Turn that knowledge into action. Here are three prevalent use cases to illustrate how you can incorporate geofencing and location targeting into your next campaign.

Serve Hyper-Local Ads in Target Locations

  • Place a geofence around your store(s)
  • Serve ads to users when they enter the fence
  • Example: Target events you know your audience is attending

Cybba has seen success utilizing this tactic for CPG brands who stock at major retailers or B2B companies trying to push their messaging out at events/conferences. We see nearly 2x higher display CTRs because the content is extremely relevant to the target audience.

Create Audiences

  • Place geofences around stores that have an audience that aligns with your brand
  • Gather the audience that is entering those fences
  • Serve ads to those users because you know they are interested in similar products
  • Example: Target visitors to a store selling complementary or competitive products
Utilizing geofencing to create audiences is a fantastic tactic to conquest your competitors. This tactic really works for almost any industry vertical.

Drive Foot Traffic to Your Stores

  • Setup a campaign with your advertiser’s target audience
  • Place a geofence around the perimeter of the store
  • Serve mobile ads to your target audience
  • Track that mobile device traffic when it enters the fence
  • Example: Drive foot traffic of your target audience to your store
Store attribution has proven very successful across numerous industries including quick service restaurants and auto dealerships. We are able to show immediate value and impact through foot traffic lift reports.

These three strategies can be used individually or in tandem to build a strong pipeline of engaged customers. Not only does geofencing grant you the power to influence consumer behavior in real-time, but it collects invaluable geographic-specific insights that can be used in the planning of future campaigns.
Nicollette Dineen
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