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Cybba Announces Launch of New Data Platform Powered by AWS

BOSTON (PRWEB), February 11, 2021 Cybba, a global technology-enabled service provider that offers a unified suite of digital marketing and advertising solutions for online businesses, announced the launch of its new Data Platform powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS). Cybba’s new data platform has been successfully integrated into its proprietary marketing and advertising technology stack to increase data performance at scale.  

This past year, Cybba saw an increase in real-time consumer engagements across e-commerce sectors including Retail, Education, and Financial Services, creating a need for more robust and scalable data processing.  Cybba has now successfully migrated its own technology stack to AWS, using AWS’s advanced machine learning capabilities to enhance online consumer engagements during the decision-making and purchasing phases of online shopping. This has led to an increase in sales for Cybba’s e-commerce customers.

“Running on AWS significantly elevates Cybba’s position in the market as a consumer data company.” says Stephen Polinsky, President of Cybba. “Our major investment in enhanced data processing and analysis is able to drive billions of unique, real-time consumer engagements for our customers, resulting in even more online sales.” 

Cybba provides a unique approach to increasing e-commerce sales by combining advertising and marketing technology into one consumer engagement. The new data lake on AWS ensures faster and better outcomes for customers, with increased data security and scalability for the long-term, while maintaining compliance with GDPR, CCPA, and all major data privacy and protection laws.

About Cybba

With offices in US, Canada, Mexico, and Brazil, Cybba is a leading e-commerce technology-enabled service provider for small and mid-market businesses looking to increase their online sales.  Unlike other software and service providers, we pair our deep understanding of the customer journey with world class technology to orchestrate full-funnel campaigns at scale. Cybba bridges the gap between marketing and advertising efforts to drive maximum impact across every digital channel. With an international team of experts, we design and develop custom campaigns to exceed business goals.

Victoria Cohen
Victoria Cohen
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