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Market Highlight: Nonprofits Make Every Donation Count

In the world of nonprofit fundraising, every dollar counts. Program decisions are dependent on the funding secured from grants, foundations, and charitable donations. Even a small budget deficit can mean the difference between a program renewal or cancellation.

Executive directors and development officers have certainly benefitted from the rise of online payment systems. Whether using a crowdfunding website like or integrating payment processing into their organization’s website, it is easier than ever to accept monetary gifts. 

However, like their retail counterparts, nonprofits are struggling to keep consumer attention on their cause long enough for them to make that charitable donation. According to bloomerang, 50% of potential supporters leave a donation page before completing a transaction. There are as many distractions in the charitable giving journey as the customer buying journey!

Challenges for Nonprofits

The challenges facing nonprofits who seek online donations are comparable to those experienced by eCommerce businesses, with one notable exception: share of wallet. The percentage of disposable income given to charity is roughly 2%, compared to 3% for apparel and services, and 5% for entertainment. Most online shoppers will buy from several retailers and service providers – making each consumer touchpoint important but not critical. If a consumer can only support one or two charities, each interaction with that charity is significantly more meaningful.

Improving Online Performance with Digital Advertising and Marketing  

YMCA Annual CampaignThere are certain times a year when all nonprofits seek donations. For example, there is typically a final appeal to donors for tax-refundable donations at the end of the calendar year. During crucial fundraising seasons, targeted paid social and display advertising campaigns can help nonprofits cut through the end of year noise. These digital advertising campaigns can be optimized to deliver improved CTRs, yield high ROAS, and drive fundraising efforts.

In addition, a combination of onsite engagement tools, email remarketing, and display retargeting ads maximize the return on the traffic driven to the donation site and encourages the completion of donations.

Cybba’s onsite engagement solution keeps potential donors from abandoning a donation page. Email remarketing reminds visitors to complete their donations in a cascade of emails delivered at timed intervals within an hour, 24 hours, and 48 hours. Retargeting ads re-engage visitors who leave the site before a transaction is completed. These multiple retargeting touchpoints result in higher CTRs, uplifts in conversion rate, and ultimately an increase in donations.

Cybba Solutions Drive Increased Donations

We havFood Bank Donatione seen great success in the engagement and conversion of online donors through the implementation of targeted digital advertising and marketing campaigns. Nonprofit agencies benefit from a more efficient spend by running multiple retargeting solutions on Cybba’s consolidated platform. With fundraising under control, our partners can get back to what they do best – serving their communities. 

Victoria Cohen
Victoria Cohen
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