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Don't Scare Away Your Sales: Holiday Optimization Checklist

There’s only four weeks until Black Friday! Until then, ensure holiday optimization on your website and sales funnel. If you have specific questions on reaching unique sales goals, feel free to contact our experts or visit our resources page for more information.

Note how customers interact with your site during the Halloween and Thanksgiving seasons. Which pages do customers abandon on? What are your best-selling products? Then leverage your data to tweak your campaigns. Meanwhile, here’s what you need to make sure you’re ready for the biggest sales season in history:


Your Holiday Optimization Checklist


✓ Shipping optimizations, including offering site-wide free shipping (best option),free shipping above a certain order value, or next-day in-store pickup.

✓ Location-based dynamic shipping: leverage customers’ locations to estimate a delivery time.


location based shipping
Example: Location-based dynamic shipping


✓ Incentive to purchase: Offering promotions site-wide excites customers. If discounts are off-brand for you, consider offering “first-look” shopping or a “gift with purchase.”

CTA that is bold and action-oriented with copy like “Shop now”, “Get the look", and” “Start exploring”.

✓ Consistent creatives and messaging across your channels. Use the same colors, incentives, and similar images for each.

✓ Mobile-friendly content—many customers research products in stores and receive promotional emails on their phones.

Product recommendations. Highlight best-selling and similar products on-site and in your emails.

✓ Gift guide. Create lists of your recommended products such as “great gifts for dad.”

✓ Revisit your email strategy including your email lists and message frequency.

✓ Include FOMO (the fear of missing out) to drive urgency across your site and promotions. Use “One day left,” “limited supply” or “In-store only.”

✓ Use only one hashtag in your Paid Social campaigns and also use it throughout your social media sites.

✓ Boost your retargeting campaigns for a second chance to reach customers who had a clear intent to purchase.

✓ For your paid social media campaigns, experiment with where you are placing your ads; try Facebook’s right-hand rail, Facebook and Instagram’s’ newsfeeds, or Facebook messenger.


Facebook ad placements
Facebook Ads in Newsfeed and in Messenger


Need more help preparing for the holidays? For more tips on optimizing your campaigns, view our webinar on the Holiday Survival Guide or schedule a free consultation with our conversion efficiency experts.

Holiday Survival Guide Webinar

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