the difference between geotargeting and geofencing

Ask Our Experts - Geotargeting and Geofencing: Same or Different

Geotargeting Uses Location to Refine Targeting

Geotargeting is commonly used in display, SEM and paid social campaigns. It is the addition of a geographic targeting layer to focus an advertising campaign. For example, targeting a demographic of 25 to 40 year old men, who are interested in online grocery delivery services, and live in Boston. Location is deteremined by a user's specific IP address or ISP.

Geotargeting can be done broadly, such as targeting anyone within a specific country. It can also get more granular, such as targeting people in a specific state, city, or even zip code. Geotargeting is used as a standard targeting requirement to focus the scope of an advertising campaign.


Geofencing Uses Location as Basis of Targeting

Geofencing is even more granular than geotargeting in its targeting radius. With geotargeting, location is used as a way to refine your targeting strategy. However, with geofencing, location is used as the primary form of targeting. Geofencing uses beacons (as well as GPS, or RFID technologies) to trigger push messages and ads when, or after, a person (a device to be more accurate) has been to a specific location. Geofencing can narrow the virtual perimeter of the targeting focus down to a block or even a specific address.

For example, a retailer may want to push promo codes to customers who are shopping in store, while consulting their phones for information on products. 77% of shoppers use a mobile device while shopping in store. 58% of them are researching products and/or reviewing product info. 54% are doing price checks and comparisons.

Another use case would be for a retail, hospitality or restaurant business to push a notification or ad as someone is near, or has been near, their competitors’ hotel or store. This can be done in real time, as the shoppers are on location or ads can be sent to them at a later time.

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