On Display: Generating Unlimited Story Ideas with Melanie Deziel

For Episode 5 of Cybba: On Display, we sit down with Melanie Deziel,  Director of Content at Foundation and author of the best-selling marketing and business communications book “The Content Fuel Framework: How to Generate Unlimited Story ideas.” As a speaker, she's taught marketers around the globe how to brainstorm better, think like journalists and tell better brand stories.


As one of our more consistently referenced books here at Cybba, The Content Fuel Framework is an easy and creative way to generate new ideas to release your content. With a built-in grid of 10 Formats and 10 Focuses, this system provides an amazing visual to get you started immediately.

Melanie joins us to discuss the inspiration behind her book, how her journalism background has shaped the way she thinks of content, and how marketers can benefit from this approach, as well.

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Key Takeaways:

  • [04:30] From Journalism  to Content Marketing 
  • [09:02] Ghostwriting for Ron Burgundy 
  • [10:21] Editorial on the American Prison System; Orange is the New Black
  • [13:45] Scheduling Your Content Across Multiple Formats
  • [15:33] The Content Fuel Framework
  • [20:19] Adding A New Content Strategy to An Existing One
  • [26:00] New Content Format: Quizzes
  • [30:34] New Content Format: Maps
  • [34:00] More Formats to Consider

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