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Employee Spotlight: Samantha Carnall

You can’t think of Cybba without immediately thinking about our world-class Account Management team led by the indispensable Samantha Carnall. As Director of Account Management, Samantha is a true master of customer-centricity and exemplifies the definition of leadership.

How long have you been in this position?

I’ve been the Director of Account Management for a year and a half but I’ve been with the company for 6 years.

What job did you want to have you were a kid?

My favorite show was Emergency Vet on Animal Planet. I definitely thought that being a veterinarian was my destiny.

Describe the path that brought you to Cybba.

After studying Marketing and Advertising in school, I went directly into agency work for several years. I was drawn to the idea of working for a product company and the culture associated with that move, and along came Cybba. I’ve never looked back!

What do you enjoy the most about your role? 

I love working with a team of smart people that I get to hire, coach, and watch successfully grow their careers. And I've built long-term relationships with some pretty cool clients.

Run us through a typical day in the Cybba office for you.

8:45: Get in and chat with co-workers about their weekends while making a Nespresso in the break room.

9-10: Answer client emails and align with our management team on on-going priorities.

10-4: The bulk of my day is a mix between 1:1s with our rockstar Account Managers, operational meetings with our support teams, and some client strategy sessions sprinkled in!

4 pm: Three times a week we have an all-hands meeting. It's a chance for us to all get together and share key wins.

What is your best productivity tip for getting it all done?

Tools like OneNote, Hubspot and Slack save my life! I also try to focus on the bigger picture and how the tasks I’m completing roll up to larger goals. I try to not get into the habit of crossing tasks off a meaningless to-do list just for the sake of it.

What are your favorite brand(s) and why? 

Outdoor Voices because their mission and message resonate with me.

What’s the best (non-Cybba) marketing campaign you’ve seen?

I think the H&M designer collaborations are genius. They also market them through PR and Influencer channels for additional exposure and reach.

What is your favorite place in Boston? 

Hard to choose! The charming streets of the South End (where the Cybba office is located) will always have a special place in my heart. I lived in the neighborhood for several years.

What are 3 things you can’t live without?

Sneakers, AirPods and Podcasts!

What has been your proudest moment / favorite project at Cybba? 

Tough one! Seeing how onboarding our MarTech and AdTech solutions helps customers grow their business and hit their sales goals is definitely a highlight. Anytime they are super successful I feel very proud of the team we’ve put together to deliver that success. Also, hiring is a favorite ongoing project. I get to meet a ton of smart people and talk about why I love working with my team so much.

If you weren’t working in digital marketing, what would you be doing?

I would probably be doing something related to interior design. I love being creative and working with all the factors that shape the aesthetic of a room or home.

If you could switch your job with anyone at Cybba, whose job would you want? 

Probably Vicki or Derek on the Marketing Team – going back to my roots! They have great ideas and are trying out some really cool channels and tactics lately.

Victoria Cohen
Victoria Cohen
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