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Email Retargeting During Cyber Week

Cyber Week is one of the busiest times of the year for businesses. It stems from Cyber Monday which was created in 2005 in hopes to get individuals more involved with purchasing products online. As one would suspect, this time is crucial for businesses trying to market themselves. It is a vital week to strategize and lock in your marketing efforts. With sales at the highest they have been all year, and the chaos of competition skyrocketing, email retargeting is set to play a key role. 

Email retargeting allows you to reconnect with your website visitors once they have left your website. As this holiday week is approaching, it is important to start your email retargeting campaigns now. Although customers are bombarded with emails around the holidays, email marketing has proven to be one of the most effective ways to promote exclusive offers. There are numerous ways to spice up your email retargeting campaigns to boost conversions: 

  • Segment out your audience and send A/B test emails
    • Understand your different audiences. Put together multiple templates to send to each unique audience that targets them specifically with your promotional messaging. 
  • Make a gift guide 
    • Individuals love to be told about featured products. Create a gift guide that stands out to persuade consumers to purchase after physically seeing what is being promoted. 
  • Pre-announce your sales 
    • Create anticipation for what is going to be promoted during Cyber Week. Once the user has left your website, target them with a pre-sale announcement for their return. This email should be sent out earlier to peak your audiences’ interest in potential purchases. 
  • Add brand customization 
    • Customize your retargeting emails to fit within your brand’s niche. You want your emails to represent your brand in a fun and unique way. Include brand colors, fonts, banners, logos, etc. 
  • “Last Chance” emails: 
    • By sending out last chance emails that insist that there is still time to purchase, this strengthens the customer urge not to want to miss the exclusive deals. 

With average abandonment rates over 90%, many high-intent shoppers leave without anything in their cart. This is the perfect time to target them via email. Plan out your campaigns beforehand so you have them prepared and ready. This is a crucial time for businesses to capitalize on online sales. Take advantage of your tools and go into this holiday season generating success! 

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