Lynk: A Connected Ads Experience

New Product Announcement: Lynk

Cybba is excited to announce the launch of Lynk, a new product offering that enables our clients to seamlessly connect their paid media and marketing solutions.  

This new offering is available now. 


"90% of consumers expect consistent interactions with brands across all channels." 


Lynk unifies both marketing and advertising technologies to connect experiences across all points in the purchasing funnel. 

Historically, these two channels operated separately. By creating the "Lynk" between the two, we're able to deliver an optimal customer experience.









Key Benefits: 

  • An enhanced onsite experience 
  • Smarter personalization leading to more conversions and sales 
  • Consistent messaging and brand alignment 
  • Greater insight into the customer journey  
  • Deeper customer loyalty 


Interested in getting started with Lynk? Talk to one of our experts today!



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