Cybba Announces Integration with Partnerize

Cybba is excited to announce an integrated partnership with Partnerize, a leader in partnership automation. After years of successful collaboration, we can now provide advertisers with rapid-deploy access to Cybba's marketing solutions.

Read on to find out more about the integration partnership and what it means for Partnerize brands. 


Who is Partnerize?

The leader in partnership automation, Partnerize delivers the software platform and expert service that help the world’s leading brands create operating leverage by turning their partnerships channels into profit centers. The platform supports winning marketers with an automated, end-to-end partnership management platform—the only of its kind to deliver a fully integrated, comprehensive suite of discovery, recruitment, optimization, payment, brand safety and fraud prevention capabilities.


Partnerize is fully integrated across the technology ecosystem.

Partnerize believes marketers should have the ability to easily integrate their partnership channel data with their technology vendors of choice. The Partnerize platform is API first and fully integrated with their clients' preferred vendors for mobile, multi-touch and cross channel attribution measurement, commerce, tag management, and now Cybba.


What does this integration mean for Partnerize brands?

We customize our solutions to drive a range of high value actions on a site, whether it’s boosting site orders, capturing leads, or increasing subscriptions. The versatility of our solution can improve performance for any brand looking to motivate a specific type of onsite behavior and can support most programs with a check out process.

With more immediate access to Cybba's marketing technology, Partnerize brands can accelerate their online growth by increasing conversions, decreasing cart abandonment,  growing customer lifetime value, and increasing new customer acquisition. 


What sets Cybba apart from other tech vendors?

Our unique blend of advertising and marketing technologies really sets us apart, and this combination is the toolbox that allows us to engage audiences at every step in the buyer’s journey. We can identify and target net new audiences, re-engage and remarket to abandoning users, and drive the exact behaviors that will improve a brand’s sales – all from one place. Then there are the added benefits of vendor consolidation, learned optimizations across several user touchpoints, and increase return on investment. 


Where can I learn more?

For more information about working with Cybba, contact us here. You can also reach out directly to our marketing team at

To learn more about how Partnerize can help you to find and convert your target audience at scale, visit their website here or reach out to

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