Advertising Your Brand During Football Games is No Longer Out of Reach


It’s the most wonderful time of the year… It’s FOOTBALL SEASON! Every year around this time, Americans are preparing to watch their favorite teams compete to their fullest potential to secure a spot in the NFL Super Bowl. Whether it’s by purchasing tickets, planning gameday outfits, or even validating that their trustworthy streaming services won’t glitch during the most important play, we can confidently say that football drives participation amongst most audiences.  


OTT Live Streams 🤝 NFL

Although, Covid played a detrimental role on audience viewership in 2020, the NFL is back to typical American popularity during this 2022-2023 year. “The league’s viewership for the 2021 regular season was up roughly 10% overall from the year prior, bringing in an average of 17.1 million viewers per game on TV and digital.”  (CBS News) It is projected that NFL viewership will increase year over year as viewing options continue to expand. In fact, individuals today are already heavily switching from Cable TV to OTT. OTT stands for ‘over-the-top’, meaning any content that is delivered over the internet to a TV or mobile device. It has been a major contributing factor to the improvement in NFL audience viewership, and this year especially, it will be a top way to live-stream games. 


Targeting Niche Audiences

Tapping into the streaming side of the season, OTT platforms like SlingTV, ESPN, Hulu + Live TV, YouTube, and Amazon Video, are all preparing for the increase in sports viewers for the next few months. Since many individuals will be tuning into the games this season, these OTT providers are able to offer live streams with more niche content, while being able to pursue the intended group of individuals.  

While there are innumerable benefits to OTT services, what does this mean for other businesses on the marketing front? One important takeaway is that this form of video advertising will allow businesses to engage with their online audiences where they view their favorite video content and when their attention is undivided. With live streaming becoming increasingly popular, these OTT platforms will continue to incorporate the ability to deliver content in real time. 



Additionally, advertisers can run personalized ads in ultra-specific areas of consumer interest, creating additional advantages such as:  

  • Greater audience reach 
  • Advanced targeting capabilities 
  • Powerful data insights  
  • Higher-quality content. 

Take sports advertising for example: OTT ads will allow you to recognize the audience of fans who root for out-of-market teams, or identify those who are interested in sports for gambling, fantasy football, or even fans who watch for specific players rather than teams. As audiences increase and new content is released daily, OTT advertising is a rewardingly great opportunity to magnify your brand and target unique demographics. 

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