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Ask the Expert: What is Dynamic Creative?

Adam Clark is a Media Partnerships Account Manager at Cybba.  He has over 10 years of digital experience in Media Buying, Account Management and Business Development.  Currently, Adam is on our Ad Ops team in Phoenix managing performance for a portfolio of digital accounts as well as fostering new media opportunities for Cybba's clients.

What is Dynamic Creative?

The easiest way to think of dynamic creative is as "personalized messaging". In most cases, dynamic ads are built at the time the impression is served. This allows for completely customized messaging to reach a given prospect. The best dynamic creative platforms allow for advertising that adjusts based on:

  1. Time
  2. Device
  3. Weather
  4. Ad placement / contextual targeting
  5. Location
  6. Behavioral targeting
  7. Demographics
  8. Retargeting information gathered from browsing behavior

At Cybba, we have the capability to execute creative targeting leveraging any of these capabilities.

Why Use Dynamic Creative?

Marketers are tasked with creating brand experiences that are personalized to the individual customer. The programmatic advertising environment allows for customization on targeting, so it is only natural for the actual message that reaches a target to also be customized. Rather than show a general creative to a group, it’s possible to create a 1 to 1 message specific to the exact individual receiving the message.

There is also an element of scale that’s possible with dynamic creative. Unique messaging and multiple ad sets can easily be rolled out for testing and performance optimization. Design teams can create basic ad sets, and dynamic creative functionality allows for limitless versions of messaging and imagery to customize each personalized message. This element of personalization at scale can assist marketers with performance and testing while creating a unique brand experience.

How do I know if dynamic creative is right for me?

You have multiple ad versions you’d like to roll out: Perhaps you have a brand that requires different messaging by geo location. Rather than build every unique possibility, dynamic creative will allow you to generate the proper promo, special offer or unique message based on the location an individual resides in. Or, maybe you’d like to offer discounts for certain products but not others. Dynamic advertising allows you to adjust trigger rules and unique messaging without needing to account for every possible option.

You’d like to better personalize your brand message: Personalization works. Dynamic, personalized messaging not only allows for scale and a better brand experience, but it performs better.


Adam Clark
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