Are Your Facebook Ads Working For You? Or Are You Working For Them?

We’ve all been prodded to visit a website because of a persistent Facebook ad – the kind that follows you to Instagram and back to Facebook. With a reported 9.21% average conversion rate across industries, we know Facebook ads work. How does a...

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Market Highlight: Nonprofits Make Every Donation Count

In the world of nonprofit fundraising, every dollar counts. Program decisions are dependent on the funding secured from grants, foundations, and charitable donations. Even a small budget deficit can mean the difference between a program renewal...

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[Guest Infographic] Social Media Advertising User Trends

It’s easy to think of social media as the magic bullet for all of your marketing needs.  You allocate a significant portion of your digital marketing budget to the promotion of a paid Facebook or Instagram campaign and wait for the influx of...

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[Vlog] 5 Mistakes to Avoid with Paid Social Advertising

Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn ads are popular digital advertising strategies for several reasons, but particularly because their ROAS is extremely high.

In this video-blog, Nicollette Dineen from our digital media team gives her advice 5 on...

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Expert Q&A: How Fall Facebook Ads Drive Your Holiday Revenue

In 2016, retailers spent over $1.24 billion on holiday advertising. Brands also increased their Q4 Facebook ads budgets by 11%, and saw a resulting 87% spike in ROAS. We asked Nicolette Dineen from our Social team why Facebook advertising is so...

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