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What is Retargeting Tuesday? Tips for eCommerce

Cyber Week 2017 projects $8.5 billion in consumer spending from Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday. But with Black Friday cart abandonment rates near 70%, brands still have huge potential to capitalize.

Coming directly after Cyber Monday, Retargeting Tuesday is a strategic time to motivate lost customers with a second, third, and sometimes fourth chance to convert.


Customers who are retargeted with display ads are 70% more likely to convert.

Programmatic retargeting ads help you stay connected with your audience, Retargeting Ad Example keep their attention, increase brand recall, and drive conversions across the entire customer journey.

To get the best ROI, optimize your retargeting campaigns. Retargeting Tuesday reengages those who missed out on Cyber week due to financial stress or holiday obligations, and those who are waiting for better deals to complete their shopping in December.

Frequency Caps

Limit the amount of times abandoned customers see your ad. Displaying your ads everywhere your prospects browse can seem creepy and invasive. To truly increase your CTR, we recommend capping at 2 per day and changing your creatives every 3-4 months.  You can also bid less on users who abandoned from your homepage, as they are not your “highest value” customers… Yet.

Landing Pages

Retargeted customers are three times more likely to click your ad than people who have never interacted with your business. Creating landing pages for your retargeting ads refocuses customers on returning to your specific products. For your headline, try “We missed you” or “Couldn’t stay away?” to see an increase in CTR.


 Expedia Retargeting ExampleThe more tailored your ad is to your abandoned customer, the more they will be impacted by it. Make sure you show the specific products, deals and branding your customer was browsing before abandonment. Also include strong CTAs tailored to where your customer is in their buyer’s journey, such as “continue shopping,” “get the look,” and “buy now.”


Why not retarget old customers? Showing ads to customers who have already converted helps you to stay at the top of their mind. This is your chance to show customers what they may be missing, such as jackets that are “almost out of stock” or the “last day” of a sale.

Cyber Week is your chance to outperform your competition. 26% of customers will return to a site through retargeting, and Cyber Tuesday is the absolute best time to capitalize on this. For additional tips on strategies and best practices for Cyber Week, check out our tips on Black Friday FOMO and Holiday Facebook Ads.


To implement retargeting on your site or have your digital advertising questions answered, request a free consultation today!  


Lizzie Seibert
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