audience segement overlap

Audience Segment Overlap Analysis

Learn how audience segment overlap reporting lets advertisers identify cross-sell opportunities and improve media planning.

Audience segment overlap reporting lets advertisers see how many users from one segment are also found in another segment. Insights from this simple but effective report can lead to cross-sell opportunities and better media planning.


Identifying product segments with the highest overlap shows you what products your customers are likely to buy together. For example, a clothing retailer might find that the jean purchaser segment overlaps more with the polo shirt purchaser segment than any other product segment. This retailer should focus on advertising polos to jean purchasers instead of some other product.

Media Planning

Let’s say an advertiser is trying to determine if it is worth advertising their products to their blog readers after they leave the site. Running an overlap between the store segment and the various blog category segments will allow this advertiser to see if one category is naturally driving more users to the store than the others. This category audience would be a good place to start spending a test budget to see the best ROI your blog will generate.

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