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Ask Our Experts: Post Sale Campaigns

Post sale campaigns drive performance, and capitalize on the natural spike in traffic that many advertisers experience in Q4! They are a great way to increase the lifetime value of existing customers, and also build brand loyalty from new, first-time customers.

The idea is that after site visitors make a purchase, you can take the opportunity to prompt them to complete another transaction as a gift, when they may not have been in that frame of mind previously. Post sale campaigns are optimizations that are particularly successful during the holiday shopping period.

The most popular tactic to deliver a post sale message is Cybba’s onsite engagement tool, which displays a message on the order confirmation page upon load or after a short delay. Another execution option is to deliver the message via a display retargeting campaign extension, targeting only converted users. Both options are treated as a separate campaign with their own reporting, KPI’s and goals. They can be run for specific campaign periods around sales, or featuring major holidays, e.g. Mother’s Day.

Although converted users are often repeat buyers, there can be huge lags between conversion events. Post sale campaigns are designed to shorten that lag time and provide incremental revenue by positioning the product as a gift.

Successful messaging for these campaigns is centered around the idea of “you love this product, have you thought about gifting it?”, along with stating why the product makes a great gift. Another popular theme is promoting gift cards for advertisers that offer a wide variety of products. This takes the pressure off the purchaser to pick out the “perfect” item, and often has high return for the advertiser. We’ve had success with post sale campaigns for customers whose products make great corporate gifts (think high-end chocolate, etc.). These types of conversions are highly desirable since they usually have high order values and loyalty year-over-year.

Although holiday gifting is a great place to start when exploring post sale campaigns, they can also be used for products that have accessories or complementary items. We’ve had success with this type of campaign in the consumer electronic space. For instance, if a customer buys a phone, we’re retargeting them with a case or headphones that complement the device.

Overall, it’s important to be creative and think outside of the box when it comes to post sale campaigns. They certainly aren’t one-size-fits-all, but can be extremely effective when a well thought out strategy is used!

Samantha Carnall
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