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Best Practices for Onsite Engagement: Design

38% Of people will stop engaging with a website if the content or layout is unattractive.1

In addition to offering a great customer experience, make sure your solution also offers best-in-class design. Keep in mind that your customer is about to abandon your website, so you really need to make sure you get his attention, and your visuals and design will be a big part of doing this successfully.


  • Get Your Customer’s Attention

Step 1 of any great onsite engagement design is to use quality, professional visuals that will catch your customer’s eye and make your solution look professional.

  • On Brand

Of course, make sure your visuals are on brand and match the rest of your site – your onsite solution should be natively integrated with the rest of your site.

  • Video Assets

If you have branded video assets available, take a snippet and use instead of a static image. A video will do a better job at getting your customer’s attention

  • Copy Design

Copy and images should also be created and optimized to work together. You do not want your copy to lack visibility because it is of a similar color. Also, make sure to use type and formatting that directs the customer’s attention on relevant and personalized messaging!

Call To Action

Once you’ve completed your onsite design, it is now all about a great Call To Action (CTA)! Getting your customers to click on your CTA is the reason why you have been working so hard on this onsite engagement campaign!

It’s important to use clear, strong, and appealing CTAs that will grab the attention of your abandoning customers, persuade them want to interact with your onsite solution, and convince them to complete their transaction. Your CTAs need to be eye-catching, placed correctly, and look natural with your brand. For this make sure to consider all the different aspects below

  • Color

The color of your CTA is key for your customers to notice it. Use a color that is part of your approved color palette, and that will stand out over the rest of the content.

  • Shape

Even the shape of your CTA can impact the number of clicks you get. Make sure that it works with the rest of your visual, and that it looks like a button that customers should be clicking on.

  • Placement

Keep the placement of your CTA central to your design, as it is the focus of your onsite campaign.

  • Size

Make sure your CTA button is big enough and easily actionable, especially on mobile! Avoid having CTAs too close to each other so customers have clear points of engagement20px;">

  • Action Verbs

Last but not least, when deciding on the copy for your CTA, make sure that your one goal is immediately apparent and that it directs the customer’s attention to your key message.


You should use short messages to get your point across. Pairing an action verb with an implied benefit is usually the best way to go! This will create a catchy action phrase like: “buy now” or “Find nearest store”

Of course, make sure that your text is in-line with your brand’s tone of voice, whether that’s funny, playful, or professional.


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