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Product Tips - Cybba Insight Surveys - New Product Extension

We are happy to announce the release of a new onsite engagement feature – insight surveys.

Gain insights on your customers’ online experience

When we look to improve a brand’s website performance, we work to drive incremental conversions from abandoned users. Cybba’s retargeting suite of solutions for onsite engagement, email remarketing and display retargeting provide multiple touchpoints to recover lost sales.

However, we also look at how to improve the overall onsite customer experience. According to research, increasing customer retention rates by 5% increases profits by 25% or more.

A key way to increase customer retention is by gaining insights on your customers’ online experience and overall satisfaction with your brand. To help brands gain valuable customer insight, Cybba is launching its new onsite engagement extension: insight surveys.

Insight surveys capabilities

With our new feature, our clients can now conduct surveys through Cybba’s onsite engagement, promo bar and email remarketing solutions. You can collect valuable feedback from different online audiences through:

  1. Onsite Experience Survey - Improve your user experience by better understanding your customers' level of satisfaction with their onsite experience.
  2. Abandonment Survey - Reduce your abandonment rates by understanding why customers are leaving your site without completing their purchase.
  3. Post Sale Survey - Acquire valuable customer feedback and identify the key factors impacting their buying process.
  4. Customer Satisfaction Survey - Increase customer retention by building brand loyalty and creating a frictionless onsite customer journey.

Types of onsite surveys


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