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We are happy to announce the release of a new onsite engagement feature – Promo Bar.

Improving the Customer Journey

When we look to improve the customer journey strategy, the aim is not just to fix specific pain points, but to significantly expand engagements with web visitors and make the conversion process more efficient. For this, you need a seamless experience across all interactions and to create touchpoints that can be easily digested by the consumer across digital channels.

Boosting Customer Engagement

The promo bar helps you grow revenue and prevent cart abandonment by boosting your promotions and key messages to your prospective customers. It is a fully customizable and mobile-friendly solution.

How it Works

  1. The promo bar is flexible to fire in multiple scenarios:
  • Fire after the onsite engagement solution is triggered
  • Fire after engagement with our solutions, whether onsite engagement, remarketing email or retargeting ads
  • Always display onscreen to promote upcoming events, news, or special sales
  1. The solution’s design, format, size, and placement are customized to align with your brand and website to provide a seamless customer experience.
  2. Additional features that can be included in the promo bar design include promocodes, email capture, animations, and countdown timers to capture customer attention.


  1. Boost Your Revenue
    On average, the promo bar increases conversion rates by 5% to 10% with personalized promotional incentives. In addition, the promo bar can be segmented with the same criteria filtering as the onsite engagement solution.
  2. Advance Your Brand
    Offer a seamless experience and provide additional touchpoints for personalized messages to create brand awareness and nurture customer relationships.
  3. Drive Last-Second Sales
    Encourage customers to complete their purchases by creating a sense of urgency with a countdown timer and limited-time promotions.

“By using Cybba’s promo bar we have seen an uplift in our conversion rate of more than 8%. The promo bar is a great way to create more touchpoints with our visitors and to further increase the visibility of our Marketing incentives.“

Lindsay Park - Senior Manager, Digital & eCommerce at Laura Geller


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