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By Dave Mercurio and Kyle Natichioni

Having grown up in the restaurant industry, I know the margins are tight. Owners need to squeeze every ounce of profitability out of each department and menu item, and sometimes that's not enough.  

Ten years ago, my family restaurant advertised on local radio to promote and expand our customer reach, combined with direct mail to promote weekly specials and a website to drive foot traffic. Knowing what I do now about digital marketing and advertising, I would never recommend these to my family as these old approaches no longer bring an optimal return on investment.   

Today's Restaurant Marketing Landscape

Industries outside of dining are able to personalize their messages based on customer needs and present exactly what their customers look for. So why is restaurant marketing still 10 years behind? 

I still see 30-second restaurant commercials on TV that are advertised to everyone, and missing the target audience. I still get flyers for a new restaurant opening that doesn't water my pallet. It's so important that you use your restaurant marketing dollars to find legitimate customers—locals within a mile of your location that fit the demographics of your neighborhood restaurant. Each restaurant today is trying to create a feel and ambience customized for their ideal diners.

How do you Ensure Customers Come to You? 

The advances in today's digital landscape are incredible. Now, restaurant marketing partners can serve ads to the Sunday brunch goer that is looking for the perfect Boston barbecue brunch spot on a Tuesday afternoon. Not only can companies use data sets to know when your customer is looking for their next experience, but marketing tech can now send reminders to restaurant goers up to their Sunday feast.   

Leveraging millions of data points, restaurants can target their ideal customers, when they are looking, and in an exact location. When I joined Cybba, I discovered that its data partnership with Yelp makes it possible to even pinpoint, say, a restaurant goer looking for a Thai restaurant in SoHo New York. This means you can maximize every marketing dollar you spend and track your campaign's progress. Digital marketing puts a true ROI on your investment and helps restaurants maintain a healthy P&L.  

Take that, radio.  


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Dave Mercurio is a Regional Vice President of Sales at Cybba Inc. Dave is experienced in market research, building strategic partnerships, and his extensive business knowledge, particularly of the restaurant industry. For any inquiries, contact him at

Kyle Natichioni is Cybba’s Director of Mid-Market Sales. Kyle specializes in driving sales and revenue growth via sales and marketing operations, strategy, and recruiting. Kyle’s expertise lies in leading growth operation practices and marketing though leadership. For any inquiries, contact him at

Kyle Natichioni
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