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Engage with Holiday Shoppers in Mobile Micro-Moments

Black Friday is less than a month away and the holiday shopping season is in full swing. With over 90% of consumers on smartphones, mobile purchases increased by 58% last year. In the 2017 holiday season, 66% of online purchases came from either a mobile phone or tablet device. 34% plan to shop even more through mobile this holiday season.

How can you take advantage of these mobile micro-moments with shoppers this holiday season?

Profile of Today’s Holiday Shopper

Today’s holiday shopper is digitally savvy, and navigates easily between online and in store channels. They expect a seamless brand experience across the customer journey. 58% will research online and buy in store, while 46% will shop in store and buy online.

The increased fluidity of consumer choice and access to multiple brand channels is driving ever higher expectations for in-the-moment customer experiences and shopping convenience. Provide holiday shoppers optimized mobile shopping experiences to easily find, and conveniently purchase products anytime, anywhere.

Maximize On the Go Micro-Moments

Your holiday shopper is looking for a streamlined experience in the journey to purchase. Take these 3 steps to maximize mobile micro-moments for holiday shoppers.

  1. Present a clear and streamlined mobile experience for the customer.
    • Ensure that a purchase can be made simply, easily, and quickly with as few steps as possible.
  1. Provide promotions that can be quickly redeemed through a mobile app or mobile optimized website.
    • 62% of consumers plan to use an email coupon redeemed on mobile this holiday shopping season.
  1. Offer rewards and a loyalty program to customers that can be redeemed on the go.
    • 39% of holiday shoppers said they would feel more inclined to shop with a brand that is offering a loyalty rewards program. 69% of holiday shoppers expect to use the loyalty rewards they have earned this holiday season.

Integrating these mobile strategies into your holiday campaigns will greatly boost your engagement and performance with holiday shoppers this season.

Connor McBride
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