digital strategies for localized lead gen

[Webinar Recap] Digital Strategies for Localized Lead Generation

How do you reach people in your local marketplace in ways that are meaningful to them?

“Planning a business is easy; growing it takes lead generation.” - Matt Sunshine, The Center for Sales Strategy

That is where we begin with our advice on strategies to increase lead generation for your business. 

Keep in mind the goals of your lead generation campaigns:

  • Provide a continuous flow of quality leads for your sales team to attack
  • Enable sales to focus on high impact activities rather than low impact activities, e.g. calling qualified leads vs. cold calling
  • Market your business as an expert to your target audience

The Buying Process has Changed

Over the past years, the buying process has shifted and led to the rise of the “self-directed buyer”. Businesses have also shifted their marketing approach to be inbound-centric, and focused on generating awareness before the potential customer makes a purchase decision.

The key pillars of the inbound methodology for lead generation involves:

  • Website Design – Call To Action, user-friendly layout, personalized content, and site functionality to engage website visitors.
  • SEO – A long-term strategy to build brand awareness and drive organic traffic to site.
  • Social Media – Organic posts on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook to enhance network.

Mixed in with inbound marketing are traditional outbound marketing strategies. A mix of marketing channels generate the strongest lead generation program which will include email marketing, programmatic display, and paid search. These marketing strategies aim to generate brand awareness, and get your marketing content in front of future customers.

  • Email Marketing – Nurture new or repeat customers, and drive users back for purchase with an enticing offer or strong Call To Action.
  • Programmatic Display – Build top of mind awareness with good audience targets, key demographics, and use of relevant creative that is consistent with your brand.
  • Paid Search – Create sponsored content that is digestible for the consumer and influences the user to convert or drive to website.

The above marketing strategies have the ability to be localized around a specific audience and location.


Case Study: American Leadership Academy Localized Paid Social Campaign

The American Leadership Academy Schools’ (ALA) goal was to increase enrollment across all 13 charter schools in the Arizona region. Cybba built a custom, local paid social campaign to drive both leads and site traffic for ALA. Specific creatives were built around the locations that needed to fill their enrollments for Fall 2018. ALA ran paid advertising campaigns in the past but were never able to track their return on investment.

The key performance goals for ALA included:

  • Requests for new enrollment tours and requests for information utilizing a localized approach
  • Branding and awareness via social media exposure

The campaign called for a full funnel approach to drive new traffic to the site, while also improving conversion rates on their “Schedule a Tour” lead form.

Cybba built ad copy and creatives for the 4 schools with a need to increase enrollments. In addition, the campaign used localized targeting by zip code. Take a look at the ALA case study here, and see how Cybba’s localized strategies drove lead generation for ALA.

Landing Page Design

“Keep it simple” is still the best advice for landing page design. Use clear CTAs and keep relevant content flowing on the page to engage website visitors.

To measure how your landing pages are performing in a campaign:

  1. A/B test different URLs to compare conversion rates and bounce rates. Analytics is a great way to understand the health and performance of your brand’s landing pages.
  2. Use unique or dynamic promo codes to track the effectiveness of your lead generation campaigns. This is a great way to track the ROI and conversion rate for leads attributed to a particular campaign or URL.

Don’t Forget to Nurture

Building relationships with potential customers is the most important aspect for lead nurturing. Your outreach during the nurture stage needs to add value at every touchpoint. The best brands are deliberate in how they create a personalized experience throughout the customer journey.


Watch the webinar recording here for expert insights on creating localized lead generation campaigns.

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