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Crafting Your B2B Marketing Story

Terrible B2B marketing needs to stop.

How many times has your inbox been packed with sterile marketing content, with a design template circa 2005? How many times have you sent an email like this to your customers?

You deserve better. They deserve better. You can do better—by simply injecting your B2B marketing content with the same passion and thoughtfulness that gets you energized about your work.

Let’s find that creative voice.

Start by sharing the story of how you wanted to change the world and how your business concept came to be. Describe those trials and tribulations of, say, starting in a friend's vacant condo, or camping out in the local Starbucks where you’d order the cheapest drink on the menu just to get your free wifi (and how you could milk that hot tea for hours).

The best part is you don’t need Microsoft’s marketing budget to start generating creative content. (But with that budget, @Microsoft please make a commercial featuring Bill Belichick Gronk-spiking the Surface like he did that time on national TV. Maybe the announcers will stop calling your tablet an iPad).

Here’s what you, and Microsoft, can do without spending another dime:

Crafting Your Story

Tugging at your reader's heart strings isn't just reserved for fiction pieces. Compelling stories forge an emotional connection with their readers, and this can be modeled for any business. By creating this connection, you can evolve from bland case studies and generic value props.

Make it personal. Exacerbate the pain a client was feeling prior to your partnership. Why was this pain-point so important for your company to solve? I love hearing potential customers describe the pain in their own words, not with some made up marketing jargon. When you start with a story, you provide your future customers with a vehicle to join you on the journey. The bond between the prospects and your company starts with your passion for solving their challenges.

Honing your Advantage

An integral part of crafting your story is staking your claim to why you are different. Within any market, there are going to be competitors that look to steal, borrow, and copy your advantage. Identifying the value that you bring to your customers that no other competitor can offer is imperative in order to stand out from the crowd.

Once you laid claim to the white space in the market it’s time to align your company to relentlessly deliver on that value. With passing time, you can sharpen that advantage by working across internal teams and client partners. The advantages that you lay claim to will continually evolve. Understanding how your competitive advantage improves your client’s business is a great North Star.

Getting Personal with Your Audience

Most of us get around 100 emails a day that have that generic and sterile feeling of just waiting to be deleted. It’s time to get personal! Everyone wants to feel like your story was tailored just for them. Show them that you care! Remember the last time you got that personalized pitch where the marketer had done their homework? They knew what mattered to you!

Of course, it takes more time to connect in an authentic way. But with so much noise it’s imperative that your story is the one that speaks to your future customer. Understanding how your audience consumes their information is the first step. And packaging your story within that medium makes the consumption easier to stomach.

Yes, it takes more time to craft your voice and build your personalized story. But the alternative of copying what's been done over and over will to lead to nowhere. Abandon the normal and tell your story.

You deserve it.


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Kyle Natichioni is Cybba’s Director of Mid-Market Sales. Kyle specializes in driving sales and revenue growth via sales and marketing operations, strategy, and recruiting. Kyle’s expertise lies in leading growth operation practices and marketing though leadership. For any inquiries, contact him at kyle.natichioni@cybba.com

Kyle Natichioni
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