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Best Practices for Email Remarketing: Compelling Copy

Strong Subject Lines

How important is your email copy? Consider the following statistics:

  • 47% of email recipients open emails based on the subject line
  • 69% of email recipients report email as spam based solely on the subject line
  • 22% increase in opens for emails with personalized subject lines

With so many companies vying to get consumers’ attention, your subject line is key to getting your remarketing email opened and read. It’s the first impression that you make before the consumer decides whether or not to read your email.

Catchy Subject Lines

Subject lines should be inviting and descriptive of the content in your email. Whatever your tactic, make sure the reader knows the benefit of opening the email.

  • Be direct and straight-forward – “You left something in your cart
  • Create urgency – “Your cart is about to expire”
  • Use humor – “Your cart is collecting dust”

As a guideline, go for sense over sensational:

  • Keep it short and clear. As your prospective customers scan through their emails and decide which ones to keep or delete, they need to immediately be able to understand what the email is about and what is its value: “Come back to X now”, “A reminder from X”, “Hurry back for 10% off”
  • Don’t scream at the consumer by using caps or a lot of exclamation points. Your email will immediately come across as spam and end up in the trash folder
  • Don’t try to “trick” with catchy subject lines. Emails with red flag words will also be filtered to spam, such as “Free”, “Cash”, “$”, “Amazing”, congratulations”, “don’t delete”, etc.
  • Don’t be boring. Use humor to pique your customer’s interest

Bold Headlines

Your headline needs to be clear and catchy as it sets the tone for the rest of the email. It is a key touchpoint to convince your customer to read your remarketing email.

  • Use the headline to clarify the point of the email: “Complete your reservation”, “Thanks for visiting X”, “Save 10% Today!”
  • Use the headline to create urgency, fear of missing out, or mention a promotion: “Complete your transaction today and get $15 off”, “Last chance before we delete your cart”, “We have reserved your cart for the next X hours”

Friendly Informative Tone

Don’t use a hard sell in your email copy. You risk alienating your customers. Instead, use a friendly tone to suggest similar offers, or direct to customer service. In fact, to comply with CAN SPAM regulations, all remarketing emails must be “transactional” in nature. In other words, they need to be operational in nature, and provide information relevant to the consumer’s shopping experience. If your remarketing email is flagged as a commercial, it will be classified as spam. When writing your email, be clear, direct, and informational. This will make your email more engaging and drive more conversions.

The content of your email should also be personalized and segmented based on your abandoning customer’s interests and onsite behavior. We cover this aspect in our earlier blog post on email personalization.

Product Feed Campaigns

An email remarketing campaign should include a product feed capture to display the products left in the cart. The product image, name, quantity, and price should be included in the feed. This ready information makes it easier for customers to pick up where they left off to complete their purchase.

Product feed campaigns have higher click and conversion rates than generic emails because they provide a more targeted and personalized experience. Since customers often abandon with several items in their cart, make sure that you can rebuild the cart with the same multiple items.

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