fall shopping statistics

[Infographic] Unbe-leaf-able Statistics to Cash in on Fall Shopping

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compelling email copy

Best Practices for Email Remarketing: Compelling Copy

Strong Subject Lines How important is your email copy? Consider the following statistics:

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millennials reshaping travel industry

How Millennials are Reshaping the Travel Industry

Millennials are now actively part of the labor force and a significant part of the economy. With an estimated $200 billion in buying power, they ...

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what is cross device targeting

What is Cross Device Targeting?

Consumers engage online across an increasing choice of platforms and devices.

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Improve Customer Loyalty

Improving Customer Loyalty

We all know and agree about the importance of customer loyalty. However, marketers don’t always keep this in mind when their “hunter” mentality ...

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Employee Spotlight: Duc Ngo

Every person at Cybba plays a key role in our success. Now in the Employee Spotlight is Duc Ngo. Read about his journey at Cybba, and his insights ...

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