International Spotlight: Antonio Lima - Cybba LATAM

Cybba is excited to announce its international expansion and Cybba LATAM! This month, we spoke with our LATAM office in Miami, Florida, where Antonio Lima, Senior Vice President of Business Development runs the show. We asked Tony to explain his strategy to build and grow Cybba’s operations in the LATAM region.

Q: What are the key challenges facing digital marketers in the LATAM market?

In Latin America, digital marketers face the many challenges of an emerging market. Internet infrastructure and online payment processing systems are still in development compared to more sophisticated markets like North America.

Another difference is the prevalence of the “last click” attribution model which simplifies and does not give the full impact of using different marketing channels. “Last click” attribution gives all the credit for a conversion to the last touchpoint before conversion. However, the average customer makes 9.5 visits to a website before making a purchase. Without using a lookback window or other mechanism to account for user engagements, “last click” attribution ignores the role of all other marketing touchpoints.

Another challenge for digital marketers in Latin America is navigating the socio-economic and political landscape of a diverse and complex market of 33 independent countries. However, at Cybba, the LATAM market presents great opportunities for change and market penetration. With Cybba’s solutions and focus on customer service, the digital marketer will have a leg up on their competition.

 Q: How can Cybba enable marketers to drive performance in the year ahead?

With Cybba’s value proposition, marketers in the LATAM market will be better enabled to drive performance through numerous top to bottom customer engagement and remarketing solutions. The ability to tell the client’s brand story through local language allows Cybba to better drive the overall customer experience and maintain a high level of engagement throughout all its solutions. As always, marketing spend is top of mind for marketers. Through Cybba’s flexible and competitive pricing, the marketer can better understand where their budget is being spent, and the impact of that spend to increase ROAS for each campaign.

What are the current growth drivers in MarTech and AdTech and what do they mean for the LATAM market?

The MarTech and AdTech marketplace in Latin America is still in development compared with the United States and other leading nations. A considerable amount of business development is needed to drive growth in the region. New websites and eCommerce merchants are constantly being launched in the LATAM marketplace. The main driver behind the growth in the digital space is the increase in mobile penetration in the region. By the end of 2018, mobile penetration in the LATAM market is expected to reach 43.2% of the total population in LATAM countries, an increase of nearly 20% since 2014. The three largest markets are Brazil, Mexico, and Argentina.

How much should a company adjust its internal processes to succeed in a different country?

Understanding the local and regional markets is key for international success. The initial internal processes must be flexible enough to meet the demands of the new market. By providing services in the local language, establishing offices that cater to the geography of the new market, and supporting payment solutions in local currency, a company can tailor their approach to meet local needs. Of primary importance is hiring knowledgeable local staff focused on supporting and growing the new international market.


Antonio Lima is the Senior Vice President of Business Development for Cybba LATAM based in Miami, Florida. He has extensive experience building and growing international operations, and is fluent in Portuguese and Spanish. He spearheads Cybba’s efforts to deliver improved performance and increased sales for LATAM companies using Cybba’s digital marketing and advertising solutions. For LATAM inquiries, contact Tony at

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